Soil degradation

Global chemical and physical degradation of soil causing a lot of problems to farmers

Soil depletion

Losing nutrients, biology and organic matter from the soil

Data integration

Precision agriculture data integration - a lot of data which are not understandable for farmers

Forecast analysis

Lack of forecast analytics regarding corn, soybean and wheat yield

Aggregation of different map layer

Lots of maps are located on different accounts

Inefficient presentation

Inefficient presentation to land owners and company managers

Our technological solutions transform field data into valuable informations for a data driven field crop growers.

Acre Fx is going to help farmers around the globe when dealing with soil degradation and nutrient depletion issues.

Trough cross analytic platform, Acre Fx will provide to farmers better management zones than standard ones.

Our real time platform will help farmers in forecasting yields trough analysis of different map layers.

Acre Fx time lapse manager will ensure tracking of progress in particular field trough multiple season

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